The story

Dinamo Sassari was founded in 1960, in the small basketball court of the historic Saint Joseph school, in the very heart of the city. It was the product of the passion of a small group of students from the Azuni high school.

The idea developed and grew, rooting deep down in the culture of the city.

It prospered because Dinamo Banco di Sardegna is from 50 years, up to this days, the team of Sassari, the team of Sardinia and the team of the Sardinian people.

Dinamo is strongly linked to its territory and has the honour and the privilege to represent the entire island in the Mediterranean sea, in Europe and in the the World.

Dinamo and Sardinia

Dinamo is already a strong reference point for Sardinians, in Sardinia and in the whole word. The Island, that is dutifully represented, is geographically and strategically in the middle of the Mediterranean sea; millennial checkpoint for transit of people and cultures.

Positive contaminations, from the language to the history, from the culture to the traditions, have contributed to shape up the backbone of this marvelous Island.

Dinamo Sassari enforces this concept of dynamism and sustains it into the present, attracting sport excellences from the mainland, from Europe, and from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Our goal is to shine bright and demonstrate that we can compete! We share the idea of a Sardinia that is recognized and valued for its true talent.

Therefore we herby present you the refreshed image of our land, portrayed with passion by Dinamo Basket.

The 2018 Project

Dinamo is growing and gaining consciousness of its uprising role in the world of basketball.

Consequently we realise that we are more than a game (“Ca semus prus de unu Giogu”), we want to make a dent in the world; to become a symbol, a well recognized identity.

author = "Dan Peterson" position = "coach" wrote:

"How to Build a Winning Team: it relates to the mentality, but it's also an idea that goes beyond the simple championship. The biggest burden a team has, like Dinamo, is the need to represent a clear idea of the land, the people and the region."



The flags are strong symbols on which the Sardinians recognize themselves.

They are matter of pride. A never missing signature, constantly displayed during big events, by the singles, the groups or the teams.

A clear example of this phenomena of territorial pride are the Erasmus Students, whom attend, with joy and identification, every game played by the team in Europe. Standing on the bleachers and feeling the essence of the left island, which is constantly present in their minds and hearts. Or furthermore, the multiple groups of Sardinians that are scattered in the mainland and in the Old Country that strongly show their support and appreciation, rediscovering their origins, game after game.



As we previously clarified, we are more than a game. Dinamo is very active in the social, through its Dinamo Foundation, which has carried out multiple philanthropic events in the course of the years.

The jerseys of 2013-2014, for example, displayed the logo of End Polio Now campaign. Moreover we had countless collaborations with Emergency, UNICEF, GILS and Thalassaemia Association carrying out fundraising campaigns or multiple events to raise awareness hosted by the team.

Dinamo, in its totality, wants to go beyond the mere sport event, with the intention of teaching and sharing values, such as: living in the community, eating healthy, preserving the environment and of course practicing sports.


Victories, goals, sports results are a vital lymph for Sassari and the entire Island.

Identifying yourself into a success empowers you and strengthens your self confidence. Being a Dinamo Supporter means having a strong feeling of social identity, which is generated by sport but goes beyond it.

Dinamo Sassari mirrors the feelings of the Sardinian population, of wanting to arise and lead the way.

Dinamo is a club that opens its doors to the people; a club doesn't preclude but rather includes. Dinamo is a model of excellence; a model of a system that has to be highlighted and shared. It’s a phenomenon that unites and overcomes the boundaries, that amuses its supporter in the courts and that cares for them outside of it. Dinamo is a giant among giants, with Sardinia on is jersey and an entire land supporting for it.

author = "Peter Ezugwu" position = "ex-player Dinamo" wrote:

Two or three people asked me how come I do not speak of Pavia but only of Sassari and I always say this, Pavia is always in my heart, I am a super fan and I love Pavia and the President , BUT in Sassari is seemed as though Dinamo was the pride of the island, I felt a responsibility I had never felt in my 20 years of basketball, I played basketball for an entire population, a race struggling to be respected, a bit like some people here in America. Basketball meant more to these people ... ... It's life ... ... for this reason I say that for the rest of my life these people will always be with me, total nostalgia!!!


Exporting Sardinia

The highest Institution in the Island has strongly believed, and still does, in the project carried out by Dinamo.

It recognizes with enthusiasm the strong abilities of the team to focus the attention, express and enforce positive values, to unite all the Sardinian people under the colors of its flag and to be the symbol of an Island that wins and exports its top product, its true essence.

Strong values and a clean image related to an ethical discipline; this particular characteristics made Dinamo Sassari the chosen medium to promote and advertise Sardinia. 


author = "Fabrizio De Andrè" position = "songwriter" wrote:

"Life in Sardinia is perhaps the best that a man can hope: twenty-four thousand miles of forests, countryside, coastline ... Which if I could advise God on how to make Paradise it would be Sardinia."